FAIA is not just fire. The perfect play of flames without smoke and soot, without much ash, dust and wood residues and additionally CO2-neutral, that is FAIA. Sophisticated and perfected over several years of work, we have managed to convince thousands of customers. Suitable for terrace, balcony and garden.

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Wood pellets from Austria
Wood Wool Lighter from Austria
Pellets Terrace Stove from Austria

The message

In the ongoing climate crisis, our goal must be to say goodbye to fossil fuels and focus on environmentally friendly alternatives. Together we want to replace environmentally harmful gas stoves on terraces by getting people excited about our climate-friendly ambient fires. So that we can rely on 100% renewable energy even on long patio evenings.

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FAIA Places

  • Pellets Terrace Stove Lake Footbridge

    FAIA patio stove

    Our pellet-fuelled FAIA patio stove uses innovative, sustainable combustion technology.

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  • FAIA Torch

    The FAIA torch is only 50 cm tall and therefore also fits on small terraces and balconies, on the table or on the floor.

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  • Quartz table fire bowl

    FAIA table fire bowl

    The opaque, rough outer surface refracts the light of the flames, diffuses it and makes the bowl glow powerfully.

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  • Cover for patio stove

    FAIA Accessories

    All our accessories were developed to complement and complement our products. Fits, wobbles, has air.

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